Takeko’s YUME (Dream) Kimono

The dreamlike kimonos created by Takeko Okayama are original in their use of soft tinted colors.
As a female artist, Okayama is developing kimonos that will make the women wearing them look beautiful. Her masterpieces lare “Weeping Cherry Blossoms” and “Takeko Gradation.”
By actively spreading her work in the Paris Collection and other fashion scenes around the world, Okayama has made “Takeko’s YUME (Dream) Kimono” the representative brand of Okayama Kougei.

Takeko Okayama’s Personal History

1943 – Takeko was born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. She later moved to Kyoto due to a love for Kiyomizu pottery houses.
1958 -Joined the porcelain painting department at Ozawa Studio on Higayshima Gojo hill, where she worked painting on pottery.
1964 – Began independently studying dyeing and weaving due to a new fascination with the Kyoto Yuzen style.
1982 – Joined the Kyoto Yuzen convention and received an award for her work.
March 1994 – Was designated as a Master of Traditional Arts and Paris Collection crafts by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, making her the first woman in Japan to receive the honor. Together with fellow master and husband Kozo Okayama, they became the first couple to have master titles.
March 1997 – Takeko’s YUME Kimono appeared in France’s “Paris Collection” thus gaining popularity.
August 2000 – Takeko selected to be the artist for the 400th anniversary project commemorating relations between Japan and Holland, and opened a kimono exhibit in Middleburg, Holland.
2002 – At the request of the city of Kyoto, Takeko made a kimono under the theme of “World Water Forum.”
February 2003 – Appeared in the Kyoto Yuzen Association’s competition, and received an award for her work.
November 2006 – Recognized by the City of Kyoto as a superior craftsperson of traditional arts and crafts, and received the title of a Kyoto and Yuzen Master Craftsperson.
Takeko has been training for more than 50 years, overcoming numerous hardships along the way. Even while training her many apprentices, she has created her own original brand, whose soft colors have made it popular around the world.