Event Information

2022.10.13–10.15 The 39th Exhibition of Craftsmen and Artists

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the company's founding, the Kyocera Museum of Art held a "Kimono Art Exhibition," and our kimono won the "Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award."
The exhibition was a perfect showcase of beautiful kimonos, and was aptly called an "art exhibition."
We appreciate many people visiting the exhibition.

2022.09.05 Internship

Two students from Kyoto Seika University and Kyoto University of Arts visited us for internships.
After a classroom lecture and tour, they colored in the workshop on the second floor with other craftsmen.
We hope this internship will be useful for their job-hunting activities in the future.

2022.08.11, 12 Okayama Kogei 55th Anniversary Solo Exhibition

New works by Itome Yuzen, Kinsai, Pongee, Nuregaki, and Roketsu Dyeing were shown at the exhibition, Including the commemorative project, French “INEDIT.”
There was also a space for new artists in the studio.
In addition, a hands-on yuzen dyeing corner was set up in the exhibition hall for the enjoyment of many visitors.

2022.08.02 Visit to companies in Kyoto (Kyoto City Wakamono Job Support Center)

Ten students from Kyoto University of Arts participated.
After the process was explained and the students toured the workshop, they asked many questions, and their enthusiasm was palpable.

2022.05.23 Handkerchief Dyeing Experience: Students from Chiba Prefectural Higashi Katsushika Junior High School participated.

Five second-year students from Higashi Katsushika Junior High School came to our workshop to try dying a handkerchief.
Every student looked very serious as they worked on the project.

2022.03.08 Exhibited at the 73rd Kyoto Yuzen Competition

We received the following awards: “Thank you very much.”

A double‐woven obi (Fukuro Obi): Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award
The same double‐woven obi (Fukuro Obi): Special Technique Prize
* Kijaku: Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries Award
Kijaku: Award of Excellence
Semi-formal kimono for women: The Japan Designers’ Association Award
Semi-formal kimono for women: My-avorite-Kimono Award

* standard length of material used in a kimono
「第73回 京友禅競技大会」出品_01
「第73回 京友禅競技大会」出品_02
「第73回 京友禅競技大会」出品_03
「第73回 京友禅競技大会」出品_04

2022.01.07 Appeared on NHK's "Kimono" special.

On January 7 (Friday) at 7:30 p.m., NHK-BS Premium aired a program titled “Kimono – The Pot of Beauty,” in which Okayama Kogei and Takeko Okayama appeared.
Special “Kimono – The Pot of Beauty – NHK

December 15, 2021 "Future Design Program": Students from Kyoto Municipal Tonan High School participated.

A class was held at our company to provide an opportunity for students to learn and think about their future career paths after graduation, with a view to becoming “human resources” who will contribute to society” in the future.

2021.10.14–10.16 The 38th Craft and Dyeing Art Exhibition

At the “Kimono Art Exhibition” held at the Kyocera Museum of Art the other day, our semi-kimono (called “homongi”) won the “NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station Director-General’s Prize” and our kijaku (kimono cloth) won the “Kyoto Dyeing Association President’s Prize.”
The exhibition was a perfect showcase of beautiful kimonos, and was aptly called an art exhibition.

2021.08 "Kyoto Perfect Book" was released.

“Kyoto Perfect Book” was published by Shobunsha in early August. Our obiage dyeing experience is featured in the book under the theme of “familiarizing yourself with traditional craftsmanship culture. “You can also dye frames and handkerchiefs. Kyoto is brimming with new attractions. Please take a look!

2021.03 Featured in Kyoto City Living

It was based on an article that appeared in the free newspaper “City Living” as part of a series introducing people who work for companies and organizations that are committed to reforming the way Kyoto City works and achieving “true work-life balance.”

2021.02.07 Obiage dyeing experience

We held an obiage dyeing workshop at our studio the other day. Participants chose their favorite color, and after receiving instruction from the craftsman, they were free to dye as they liked. The result was a unique piece. After steaming and other processing, the works will be delivered to you!

2021.01.29 Work in Kyoto by making and learning hand-painted yuzen.

On January 29th, “Tsukuru Manabu Kyoto no Oshigoto (Create, learn, and work in Kyoto)” Tegaki Yuzen (Hand-painted Yuzen) program was successfully held online. Many children from all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, participated in the event. They enjoyed learning about hand-painted kyoyuzen remotely and were able to complete their original dyed frames at the end of the workshop. 

2021.01.18 traditional handicrafts Experience

“Traditional Craft Handicraft Experience” was held at Kyoto Job Park. Under the guidance of a craftsman, participants were able to try their hand at painting lamp patterns. Participants were able to choose their favorite design, and color it, and assemble it to create a one-of-a-kind lamp. Everyone enjoyed the experience.

2020.12.14 Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank's "ANONA" magazine

We were featured in the opening feature article of “ANONA,”  an information magazine of Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank. Please take a look.


An exhibition of 426 furisode (long-sleeved kimonos) and obis (sashes) created with the images of countries around the world for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was held to showcase the completed works.
We presented three countries: Ireland, Comoros, and Nauru.

2020.10.14-10.15 The 37th Craftsmen and Artisans Exhibition

The show is held once a year at the newly opened Kyoto Kyocera Museum of Art. Our dyed kijaku (kimono cloth) received the “President’s Prize” from the Dyeing and Textile Newspaper Company.
Also on display tsukesage kimonos and face-mask cases from each of the 47 prefectures of Japan.

2020.10 Wakasen Report Vol.1 was published.

It features new employees who joined us in April of this year.
They talked about how they joined the company and their aspirations for the future as part of the interview with the president.
Wakasen Report Vol.1に掲載されました。_03

2020.04.03 Intern from the Netherlands

We were joined by an intern from the Netherlands. She made her own furisode kimono over the course of six months.

2019.12.16 We were recognized as a shining local company by the city of Kyoto


2019.12.12 Kozo Okayama received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays

The audience ceremony was held at the Imperial Palace.
岡山耕三 瑞宝単光章_01

2019.12.10 Visit by Mr. Jules Illman, Consul General of the Consulate-General of France in Kyoto

在京都フランス総領事館 総領事 ジュール・イルマン 来社_01

2019.10.23 The Exhibition of Master Craftsmen of Kyoto

Our works were displayed.
京の名工展 出品_01

2019.10.16 Kyo-Yuzen Kimono Art Exhibition

We produced a Kimono of England by using the design which won the first prize at the England design section at Kimono Fabric Design Competition.
We received “Senshoku Shinpo President Award” at The Work of Craft and Dyeing Design Exhibition.
京友禅きもの芸術展 出品_01
京友禅きもの芸術展 出品_02

2019.09.20 Rugby World Cup 2019

All Kimonos prepared for participating teams were displayed at the opening ceremony and lifted the mood at the ceremony.
The Kimono of Ireland we produced was also displayed. We believe that we could help make Japanese tradition and culture look fascinating to the world.

2019.09.08 The dinner party in Tokyo International Conference on African Development

The Kimono collections of world Kimono project “Imagine One World” took place at the dinner party hosted by Prime Minister. Representative from 53 African countries were invited. The Kimono of Comoro Islands which we produced was also displayed.

2019.09.02 Interns from Netherland and a Japanese university

We recruited a student from Netherland and two students from a Japanese university as interns.

2019.8.21 Kotokyari Tour 2021

This tour was sponsored by Kyoto Job Support Center for Young People.
The student exchange event took place. Students joined it from all over Japan.
You can check details of the event on the site of the Center.

2019.7.1 New Items: Long sleeved Kimonos, “Union of Comoros” Imagine One World


2019.6 We are on the digital Chanoyu Map

Tankosha, a publisher in Kyoto, has opened an info site, “Chanoyu Map,” for people interested in
Kyoto tea ceremony and Japanese culture.
You can access assorted information on “Tsukigama” or tea ceremony, museums, historical
interest spots, and the shops where you can savor Japanese tea.

2019.4.15 We were interviewed by AFFLUENT

This magazine, AFFLUENT, carries a lot of pictures and information for Kyoto residents beyond generations, Kyoto people who can appreciate high quality and authenticity.
Our interview will be featured in the leading article in its spring issue.

2019.4.9 We were interviewed by “Discover Kyoto”

The number of “LIKE” on Facebook of “Kyoto Fan” of “Discover Kyoto” exceeded over 10 millions, and became No.1 in the world in the city section of Facebook.
We are planning to show “Kimono” as a special feature of the new project of Discover Kyoto.
We hope that you will enjoy beautiful images shot with a 4K camera.
Discover Kyoto 取材_01

2019. 4.1 We were Interviewed by France national television, France 5

Échappée belles” is a very popular TV program, and it has been broadcasted for the past 12 years. You can watch in this program beautiful images of traditional and cultural events and items, popular places and activities across the world.

2019.3.14 ~ 3.31 Ogaki Book Store in Kyoto Economy Center (or Suina Muromachi)

We marketed two types of items at a newly-opened Kyoto Economy Center.
One item was “Kin-pu Fukusa. It is considered in Japan as a matter of curtesy and a form of sensitive caring to enclose a gift or money with a noshi envelope and wrap it with fukusa (a silk wrapping cloth).
The other one was “Nenjyu-ire,” or small bags for a Buddhist rosary. They are part of “ONE TONE” series.

2019.3.9 Kyoto Gaisen Ten (Kyoto Triumph Exhibition)

2019.3.13 The 70th Kyo-Yuzen Competition

2019.2.12 ~ 2.15 We displayed our products at the 87th Tokyo International Gift Show

We participated in this gift show as a member of “Atarashikimono Kyoto (New Products from
Kyoto).” We exhibited cover protectors for prescription record books. They were pretty colorful, traditionally made up of Kyoyuzen dyed fabrics. They were received very well.
第87回東京インターナショナル ギフト・ショー 出品_01
第87回東京インターナショナル ギフト・ショー 出品_02
第87回東京インターナショナル ギフト・ショー 出品_03

2019.2.6 The Studying Tour: the students came from Fuzoku SHIZUOKA Junior High School

They visited us as part of their culture-studying program to explore “what thoughts and wishes people in the culture-related industry have.” In the Q&A session, there was active give-and-take between the students and us, and we had a great opportunity to rethink the kinds of questions we usually didn’t think about.

October 24, 2018 Nancy Workshop Tour

Nancy joined our workshop tour. She and her companions visit us every year from the US.
At the request they do something new this year, we arranged for them to produce a dyed picture in the frame.
It is a postcard-sized frame. Take-away available on the spot.
It has a favorable reputation.

October 23, 2018 We have received the Award of the Chief of Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

The 35th exhibition of craft and dyeing design works was held in Miyako Messe convention hall. Our kimono cloth won the award of the Chief of Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

An event for new products from different companies took place on this day, thronged with visitors.

We produced formal kimonos in the image of Burkina Faso under the theme of “Kimonos reflect the world”.

October 11, 2018 Students from Sendai Barber and Beauty Collage visited us.

September 6, 2018 Students of Kanuma Higashi Junior High School in Tochigi prefecture visited us and joined our workshop.

August 3, 2018 Lecture at Japan Food and Industry Club

We delivered a lecture at Herbis Osaka, on the subject of “Kyo Yuzen, Now and Future”.

July 11, 2018 Oda Kimono College students visited our studio.

July 11, 2018 Seminar in Kyoto Industry and Technology Institute

June, 2018 An intern from Germany

We recruited a female intern from Germany. She is to work for three months.

June 28, 2018 Seminar at post-graduate school of Kyoto Institute of Technology

May 23, 2018 Students of Kyoto Saikyo Junior High School visited us and observed our work.

2018.5.17 Observation Study Tour: the students came from Hatta Junior High School, Ayabe City

綾部市立八田中学校 見学・体験_01

2018.5.12 The Asahi Newspaper’s Opinion & Forum Colum: “Japan’s Homework”

This is an interview article with Mr. Takatoshi Yajima, chairman of Yamato, regarding
challenges the Kimono industry faces. We recognized the significance of tackling
those challenges in an attempt to keep producing good things.
朝日新聞 オピニオン&フォーラム「日本の宿題」掲載_01

2018.5.9 Observation Study Tour: the students came from Yoshinari Junior High School, Sendai Prefecture

The students joined a handkerchief-dyeing workshop. More students are coming to
our workshops these days.
仙台市立吉成中学校 見学・体験_01
仙台市立吉成中学校 見学・体験_02
仙台市立吉成中学校 見学・体験_03

2018.4.29 The 100 Countries Rollout Ceremony: Imagine World

It was held In Kurume city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
We worked on Nauru as we did Ireland.
Some cute high school students modeled for the day.

2018.3.26 Future Power Conference of Kyoto Small & Mid-Sized Companies

This is the final meeting starting last summer. Practical suggestions and eight ideas
were put forward to promote local business and they will be materialized as business

2018.3.14 The 69th Kyo-Yuzen Competition

The completion was held at Miyako Messe Hall.
The Grand Prize for Planning was awarded to OKAYAMA-KOUGEI on the occasion of
Meeting Kimono Couture, 2020.”
第69回 京友禅競技大会_01

2018.3.9 Kyoto New Art Creation: Kyoto Ovation Exhibit

The Exhibit was held at Hotel Okura Kyoto.
Pieces of art work from “ONE TONE” were displayed; the collection was presented at
Tokyo Gift Show.

2018.3.20〜3.30 Traditional Crafts Day

An exhibition of some works of Kozo Okayama, a Kyoto master craftsman, was held at Kyoto Station Building and at Miyako Messe Hall. The exhibition was titled “A Kyoto Master. Spring & Autumn.” Concurrently, an exhibition sale for silk fukusa crape wrappers and Buddhist rosary bags took place at the same venues.

2018.1.13~2.3 “The 84th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show”

In Tokyo Big Sight
We released our new brand “ONE TONE” in the booth “Atarashikimono Kyoto” of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce.
Nine designs of formal and modern Fukusa (a crape wrapper) and Nenjyu-ire (a small bag for rosaries for Buddhists) were displayed.
The combination with braided cords of your tastes will make wide variations to them.

2017.11.16 The lecture Kimono at Waseda University

We had a lecture at Waseda University about the past and future of hand-painted yuzen. It is our hearty wish that young people become more familiar with and feel closer to kimonos.

2017.11.1 Visitors from Momoyama Junior High School Affiliated with Kyoto University of Education

The first-year students from Momoyama Junior High School visited us as part of their studying tour. We held a question and answer session, and we actively interacted with the students.

2017.10.24 Producing of Our Original Shawl

We produced a hand-painted yuzen shawl at the request of Ms. Priscila Satake, who came to Japan from Brazil on a training course of JICA. The muted-colored shawl was very well received.

017.10.18,19 The Recipient of the Award of Kyoto Prefectural Governor

The 34th Exhibition of Craftworks was held at Kyoto Miyakomesse. Our homongi or semi-formal kimono was given the Award of Kyoto Prefectural Governor. New works from the participating companies were also displayed. Many people visited the exhibition.

“Koto kyari 2019・Company tour in Kyoto City” 2017.8.24

The event hosted by Kyoto Job Hunting Support Center for youth was held for the exchange between students and companies. The detail of the event is also posted on the website of Kyoto Job Hunting Support Center for youth.

2017.7.24 “Internship from the Netherland”

The acceptance of internship started. It was scheduled to continue for a half year starting with August. The internship student and their family member came to Japan and had a hands-on experience of yuzen artcraft.

2017.7.5 “The seminar of Kyoto Institute of Industrial Science and Technology”

The studio tour and the company-information session took place for new comers in the kimono industry.

2017.6.15 “The seminar of the graduate school of Kyoto Institute of Technology”

The students who majored in Design Science visited our studio again this year.

2017.5.17 ”New employees training”

We visited factories for steaming cloth, painting cloth, gilding cloth and refinishing cloth respectively.

2017.5.15 “Yugata Satellite” (Evening Satellite) by TV Tokyo

Our new effort to protect kimono culture was reported on the new.

2017.4.15-5.14 “KYOTO ATELIER”

We exhibited small goods and accessories for kimono in Kyoto BAL.
The artisans in Kyoto gathered to suggest that we should use more traditional crafts in our daily life.

2017.3.26 13:00-13:30 “Jikanyo tomare! Zutto Kyoto ni itaideojyaru” (Stop the time! We want to stay in Kyoto forever.)

In KBS Kyoto
The promotion program of Kyoto. Heisei KIZOK, who is a group for promotion of Kyoto, experienced wearing Kyo-yuzen kimono and walked around Kyoto city.

2017.3.18-3.20 “Master craftsmen in Kyoto Spring and Autumn Exhibition”

In Miyakomesse
The works of Kozo Okayama were displayed and the original goods and accessories of Okayama Kogei were exhibited.
「京の名匠 春秋会展」_01
「京の名匠 春秋会展」_02
「京の名匠 春秋会展」_03
「京の名匠 春秋会展」_04

2017.3.2-3.20 “Kyo mono machinaka gallery”

(galleries for Kyoto items in Kyoto city) (the project displaying Kyoto traditional items in banks to introduce them)

In gallery café Kyoto Saryo
We joined the event “The day of traditional industry 2017 in Kyoto station.” Our original goods and accessories were displayed and sold.

2017.2.23-2.24 “The Fair of traditional and intellectual industry 2017”

In Shibuya Hikarie
We exhibited our original goods and accessories and launched new pencil case.

2017.2.1-2.3 “The 83rd TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show”

In Tokyo big sight
We exhibited our original goods and accessories such as Kinpu fukusa (a silk wrapping cloth for an envelope with money), business card cases and pouches.

2016.12.17 “Sekaiga odoroita Nippon! Sugoidesune!! Shisatsudan”

(Research Japan which people in the world are interested in! How wonderful Japan is!)

by the nationwide network of TV Ashahi
We were introduced as one of the best 10 in the ranking, which many foreign journalists recommend in Japan.

2016.11.13-11.15 “The 20th National Kimono design contest”

In Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
We made Homongi (a semi-formal kimono for women) which won the award of Ministry of Economy, trade and Industry.
The exhibition was also held in Ojiya city, Paris, Okazaki city and Tokyo.

2016.10.30 “IMAGINE ONE WORLD in Kimono Salone”

In COREDO Muromachi, Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Tokyo
The project for making kimonos for 196 countries aiming at 2020
We took in charge of making a kimono for Ireland.
「IMAGINE ONE WORLD in きものサローネ」_01
「IMAGINE ONE WORLD in きものサローネ」_02
「IMAGINE ONE WORLD in きものサローネ」_03
「IMAGINE ONE WORLD in きものサローネ」_04
「IMAGINE ONE WORLD in きものサローネ」_05

2015.7 We appeared on “Hiroshi Takebe’s Sunday Talk” in KBS Kyoto.

We talked with TV host, Hiroshi Takebe about kimonos which stand for culture of Kyoto.

March 2014 Brand "haha" debut in the autumn and winter of 2014~15 "Tokyo Collection".

First time participation in “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO

As a part of coordinating between industry and education, Yamaoka-Kougei and Brand “haha” are supplying co-developed materials for the collection.

Ore stance is to always challenge the forefront of fashion, in order to spread the wonder of Kyoto’s traditional crafts.

Tokyo Collection official homepage
“haha” official homepage

Designer Takafumi Tsuruta

He was born in Chiba prefecture, year 1981. In 2003 he joins Ltd. HIROKO KOSHINO. Wiles studying under designer Hiroko Koshino, he took part in fashion shows and licensing business. Later he was in charge of design in a children’s close company. In 2011, he became a lecturer at Futaba Fashion Academy. Alongside his job as a lecturer, he took part in a wide range of activities, such as designing stage costumes and costumes for musicians. In 2012 he managed the design of Ltd. JVC KENWOOD’s showroom. In 2013, establishes his own brand “haha”, at Futaba Fashion Academy.

The theme is universal mode, clothes for men and women of all ages that can be worn on any occasion. I think universal design should not be close for the disabled, but close that everyone can feel comfortable. This time we used magnets instead of buttons. Other features are: accessories that are detachable using magnets: clothes with zips making it easy to open and close: avoiding use of metal parts that might cause allergy: functional structure making it easy for your arms to move: designs without stitches to avoid bedsores.
In this collection there is a lot of Braille print. I hope you will pay attention, for each one has its meaning. As collaboration with Okayama-Kougei, the Braille print is all hand drawn on to silk. (Extracted form haha collection leaflet.)
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_01
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_02
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_03
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_04
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_05
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_06
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_07
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_08
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_09
ブランド「haha ハハ」2014~2015年秋冬「東京コレクション」デビュー_10

February 2014 Chosen by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as "Certified IT Management Company

A Certified IT Management Company is…
A company that fits the following: Acknowledged to be using IT through-out the business: Acknowledged to have used the data acquired from IT for management decisions: Acknowledged to have attempted to optimise the company or attempted to optimise transaction between companies.

Certified IT Management Companies:
IT management portal:
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:

Logo for “2014 IT Management Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises”

June 2013

At the request of the Japan International Cooperation Center(JICE), we held a Yuzen class for university students who had come to Japan from 10 different countries via The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

February 2013

Young officials from Myanmar visited us when the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) held a Myanmar economic reform support program.

2012年 Mario Andrea Vattani, Consul General of Italy in Osaka visited us with his wife to tour our studio.


Kyoto Yuzen was selected to provide commemorative items for display at the London Olympics opening exhibition entitled the "Japan Experience" by the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC).

ロンドンオリンピック開催に合わせて、JOC(日本オリンピック委員会)によりイギリスで催された「Japan Exprerience」での記念品に、 弊社の京友禅染が選ばれました。_01
ロンドンオリンピック開催に合わせて、JOC(日本オリンピック委員会)によりイギリスで催された「Japan Exprerience」での記念品に、 弊社の京友禅染が選ばれました。_02
ロンドンオリンピック開催に合わせて、JOC(日本オリンピック委員会)によりイギリスで催された「Japan Exprerience」での記念品に、 弊社の京友禅染が選ばれました。_03

Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama, Consul General of France in Kyoto, visited us with his wife to tour our studio.

フィリップ ジャンヴィエ・カミヤマ在京都フランス総領事ならびに総領事夫人が見学のため弊社を訪れました。_01

As part of a Vietnam SME support enhancement project by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), trainee employees of the Vietnam government visited our company for training.

In addition, our company was featured in the January 2013 issue of the Foundation newsletter and on the website of the Foundation for Pacific Resource Exchange Center (PREX).

Members of the kimono enthusiasts group "Kyoto Kimono" based in America visited our studio.

November 11-12 2010 Hours of Operation: 1:00P.M. - 5:00P.M.the 11th, 9:00A.M. - 5:00P.M. the 12th We were allowed to open an OKAYAMA-KOUGEI exhibit booth during the Japan Textile of Handcraft Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center.

We featured a variety of items, such as long-sleeved kimonos, obi belts, coats, shawls, undershirt, accessories, and products using the newly developed “kibiso silk.”

February 2011 The Cultural Foundation For Promoting the National Costume of Japan started a new shopping website on which our Yuzen dyed kimonos are available.

Under the leadership of the Incorporated Administrative Agency and National Institute of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation a study was held in the United Arab Emirates to investigate the support of that organization

September 28, 2010 After receiving a consignment from The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Pacific Resource Exchange Center (PREX) commissioned the "2010 Promotion Policy A Training," to which staff from ministrative organizations from eight foreign countries came for training.

We held a question and answer session focusing on views from the perspective of the administrative side of foreign exchange.

Older Information

Kobe Designing University: Field Trip
Kyoto University of Traditional Arts: Internship
Intex Osaka booth for Small & Medium Enterprise Fair
Kyoto Fukakusa Elementary School : Field Trip
Chuo University Education Faculty: Field Trip
Kimono provided to the Miss International Japan representative
Kyoto Institute of Technology: Class
Ryukoku University Economic Faculty: Research
Kyoto Art Center: Lecture for Program on experiencing the Traditional Arts
Fushimi Technical High School: Internship
Collecting data at the 2007 Asia International Forum
Exhibit at the 2007 EU-Japan Year of
People-to-People Exchanges "Japan Art Festival Poland Exhibition"
Production of a kimono for an actress, Yoshiko Mita
Bunka Gakuen University: Field Trip
Collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano's one-man exhibit, "New York"
Production of a Kimono for a singer,Toshimi Tagawa (10th year anniversary concert tour)
Kyoto collection held 1st in 2004 ,2nd in 2005,3rd in 2006
Produced a kimono for the Kyoto Water Forum for Kyoto (2002)
400 Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Netherlands (2000)
Fashion Cantata exhibitors 1st 1998,2nd 1999
Participation in the Paris Collection exhibition

Europe Tour


Yoshitaka Amano does not limit himself to just Japan when creating his fantastic paintings, and this time he is going to challenge himself with Kyoto Yuzen style coloring technique. His efforts were backed up by Takeko Okayama and her staff at OKAYAMA-KOUGEI.
Once finished with this endeavor Amano conducted his own one-man exhibit at an old church in SoHo, New York, which was a huge success.
Today Amano still maintains friendly relations with us at OKAYAMA-KOUGEI
Click here for Amano's official website

400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations

400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_01
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_02
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_03
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_04
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_05
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_06
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_07
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_08
400th Anniversary of Japan-Netherlands Reltations_09

Miss International 2007

Miss International 2007_01
Miss International 2007_02
Miss International 2007_03
Miss International 2007_04
Miss International 2007_05
Miss International 2007_06
Miss International 2007_07
Miss International 2007_08
Miss International 2007_09

Japan Art Festival Poland Exhibition 2007

Japan Art Festival Poland Exhibition 2007_01