What is Okayama Kougei?

At Okayama Kougei, we have the first traditional Yuzen hand painted craftswoman in Japan: Takeko Okayama, who is awarded as the first female traditional master artisan in Kyoto. Together with her we have three other traditional hand painted Yuzen artificers. Attracted by our sophisticated Yuzen artistic skills, those aspiring to be future Yuzen artisans will come to our studio.

Our studio has been designated an open studio by the Kyoto Yuzen Association, the Kyoto Convention of Tourism Promotion, and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry. You can join our Yuzen hand-painting workshop and enjoy a firsthand experience by contacting us.

We not only provide you with viewing tours, personal crafting experience and made-to-order items, but we are also able to remake or alter your kimonos upon request. Our expert staff is ready to be of assistance in placing your order.
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